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Keikari interview 30th January, 2019

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Huntsman Islay Tweeds

This photo shows 3 cashmere jumper sleeves with Huntsman Islay tweed patches. The top, purple patch, I have matching shooting breeks and waistcoat in. I will be wearing these later in the year during the season. The bottom left shows a patch on a pink Turnbull & Asser cashmere V neck. The bottom right patch is on an oatmeal cashmere V neck William Evans St. James.

Huntsman Tweed patches.JPG

Hermes Silk Cravat

I am giving some consideration to two days approaching us in our sartorial calendar. The first being national bow tie day on 28th August. The second is national cravat day on 18th October, 2017.

I will be supporting both occasions in a customarily manner, as one would expect.

Furthermore, I will be taking guidance from Sutton as to matching cravats and self-tie-bow-ties ( don’t know of any other permutations) with pocket squares.

Finally….. remember this…… fashions fade…. style is eternal

Hermes Silk Caveat.jpg