The waxed country coat 

My Purdey wax jacket. Well worn in. As it should be. If you buy a new wax jacket ( most people buy a Barbour ) ensure you arrange to have it run over by a tractor several times before appearing in public.

Permissible items to have in your pockets 

Hoof pick, baler twine, tangled dog leads ( never used ), a couple of cartridges, well used ear plugs, half packet of Polo mints ( for the horses), crumpled ticket from Gillingham Agricultural Show 1974, button and thread from old pair of Huntsman Savile Row gardening cords, salmon tube and half eaten black pudding and grouse Scotch egg wrapped in Hackett red polka dot hanky.

Items to avoid in your pockets – Made in Chelsea key ring, bacterial hand wash, Prada sunglasses, Gucci ‘G’ logo baseball cap, remote to entrance gates and a Swiss Army Knife